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Which Savings Account Is Right for You?

Whether it is for a rainy day, vacation or something even bigger like a down payment on a home of your own, you can save however best fits your needs at SCU Credit Union. With our savings accounts you can save at your discretion or automate your savings plan, earning you more and saving you time. Either way you decide, your savings are always protected and fully insured. 

Savings Account

This basic savings account is anything but basic. It earns you interest and establishes your membership at SCU Credit Union.

  • Competitive variable rate of interest
  • Interest compounds daily and dividends are credited monthly
  • $5.00 minimum balance to open your shares/partial ownership in SCU Credit Union
  • $5.00 minimum monthly balance to maintain your ownership in SCU Credit Union
  • Calculate your savings >>
  • Open your account >>

SCU Direct

This special savings account offers a higher dividend rate to members who save systematically with a preauthorized weekly or monthly transfer from a SCU Checking Account.  Changing your transfer amount or frequency to this account can be done at any of our branch locations or by calling 781-784-7725.

  • Unlimited withdrawals only when made in person
  • Online transfers available
  • Premium tiered variable dividend rate and APY
  • $10.00 minimum preauthorized transfer amount to open from your SCU Checking Account
  • Calculate your savings >>
  • Open your account >>

Holiday Club Account

Take advantage of SCU Credit Union’s Holiday Club Account and save throughout the whole year.  The full balance of the account will be transferred to your Share Savings account at the beginning of November, just in time for the expenses of the holiday season. You may use the same Holiday Club Account the following year simply by making a deposit before December 31st.  Calculate your savings or open your account >>

Vacation Club Account

Getting away is a lot easier when you plan for it. When you save with SCU Credit Union’s Vacation Club Account throughout the year, you'll have those vacation funds ready when its finally time to book your getaway.  The full balance of the account will be transferred to your Share Savings Account on April 30th. You may use the same Vacation Club Account the following year simply by making a deposit before June 30th.  Calculate your savings or open your account >>

Money Market Accounts

If you are looking for a more competitive savings rate without being tied to a term, this account is for you.

  • $5.00 balance required to open and earn interest
  • Deposit or withdraw funds anytime without a penalty
  • Tiered variable rate account
  • Interest earned based on your balance
  • Interest compounds daily and is credited monthly
  • Calculate your savings >>
  • Open your account >>
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Online Banking

With Online Banking you can check balances, pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds internally and externally, review history, make loan payments, manage all of your accounts and so much more from any device with Internet access. For your tablet or smartphone, simply download our mobile app to your Android or Apple device. It's banking at your fingertips with all of the convenience, security and services you expect and more from SCU Credit Union.

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24 Hour ATM Network

Access your designated accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your SCU Credit Union ATM Card. Our automated teller machines (ATM) are affiliated with the NYCE and the Cirrus networks and are available at our twelve convenient branch locations. We accept cards that are part of the NYCE and Cirrus Networks. We are also a member of the CO-OP and SUMSM ATM Networks. Click below to locate a CO-OP or SUM ATM near you or download their mobile app on your Android or iPhone.

SUM ATM Locator >

CO-OP ATM Locator >