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Earn More. Do more.

When your money earns more, you can do more. Take advantage of SCU's high interest 15 Month Share Certificate special.

Earn  APY* on a CD of $500 or more!

Why Save with a CD?

1. Safety - your funds are fully insured by NCUA and MSIC

2. Better Rates - you typically get higher rates with a certificate of deposit rather than a regular share savings or money market account

3. Predictable Returns - your rate will remain the same for the term of the certificate, resulting in a specific yield when the certificate reaches maturity

*Annual Percentage Yield.  All offered rates subject to change at any time.  Rates for Certificate accounts are fixed at the time of account opening for the term of the account.  Penalty may apply for early withdrawal from a Certificate account.  Fees may reduce earnings. Refer to our Service Charge Schedule for any applicable fees. Other terms and conditions may apply. SCU Credit Union 1300 Belmont Street Brockton, MA 02301


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Deposit Insurance

Your money is 100% safe. 100% insured. SCU Credit Union is insured by both the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) and Massachusetts Shared Insured Corporation (MSIC). Your money is 100% insured regardless of the amount at SCU Credit Union. MSIC provides Excess Share and Deposit Insurance to all members of SCU Credit Union automatically. The coverage is a benefit of membership and comes at no direct cost to you. MSIC insures the portion of any legal, verifiable share or deposit account that exceeds NCUSIF coverage with no limit.