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3/14/2024 | Education

Beware of Callers Impersonating SCU Credit Union

Spoofing can make a call or text seem legitimate, displaying a familiar name or number on your caller ID.

9/28/2023 | Education

What You Need to Know About Government Shutdowns

Government shutdowns can have devastating consequences, impacting everyone from government employees to local communities. Learn about the effects of a government shutdown and how SCU Credit Union can help you in the event of a shutdown.

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4/10/2018 | Finances

Beware of Cryptocurrency Hacks

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. Money you can’t see? Online accounts that aren’t regulated by big banks or even the feds? It has a futuristic feel, and anyone and everyone seems to be buying into the trend.

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4/4/2018 | Finances

Rising Interest Rates

If you follow the national business news, you are likely getting mixed messages about the state of the economy. While never very reassuring, pundits’ opinions on the stock market and the country’s economic state are changing as frequently as the weather. 

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3/7/2018 | Finances

What Were the Actual 2018 Tax Changes?

What were the exact changes made to the U.S. tax code this year? There was so much talk about the proposed changes to the tax code, and many of the changes signed into law with the official Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts were quite different from those planned.

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11/21/2017 | Finances

The Real deal on the 2018 Tax Changes

The current administration is implementing changes to the U.S. tax code. The administration believes these changes will strengthen the middle class, reinvigorate business and decrease unemployment. Unfortunately, though, most of them will do little, if anything, for the state of the economy.

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10/11/2017 | Finances

Updates on the Equifax Breach

It’s been several weeks since the massive Equifax data breach became public knowledge. While there are still more questions than answers, lots of factors have been clarified. Here are some of the most common questions answered so far:

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6/12/2017 | News

3 Changes In The VantageScore System

VantageScore is a consumer credit-scoring model, which dictates the way credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax — determine your credit score. 

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10/25/2016 | News

What Happened At Wells Fargo?

Here are a few common questions about the scandal and what to do if you’ve been impacted by it.

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