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What is the Best Checking Account for You?


Almost everyone has a checking account.  Even though it is where our paycheck is usually deposited and how we pay most of our billWoman at computer monitor reviewing her checking accounts.  Most people rarely or never think about their checking accounts. This may be a mistake as checking accounts range in the fees they charge. Often charging monthly fees up to $25 dollars if your balance drops below a minimum.  Over five years, this could be up to $1500 dollars, money you could be saving or using for fun. 

When you also look at where you have your checking account you might also be surprised at some of the differences. Most large banks are entirely focused on driving value for their shareholders.  Not a bad thing, if you are a shareholder. Credit Unions have a different purpose. We exist to serve our members and the communities where they live.  At SCU Credit Union, serving our members and communities means we donate our employees time and money to dozens of organizations every year. 

Checking account Check Up

This will be short. We know you’re busy.


Check the fees charged by your bank and choose an account that matches your spending habits. If the fees are to high, SCU Credit Union offers accounts that don’t charge a monthly fee. If you frequently use ATMs, SCU Credit Union also helps you avoid those fees as well.

Minimum Balance Requirement

By maintaining the minimum daily balance, you can avoid monthly fees. If your account occasionally falls below the minimum, SCU Credit Union has accounts with no minimum balance requirements.    

Can your money do more?

As a member-owned non-profit, SCU Credit Union puts your money to work for you and your community. Your membership helps us support organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro South, the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, Friends of Sharon Library, and the South Shore Food Bank to name just a very few.  Your money can do a lot more than pay bills. It can help us sustain the local organizations serving our communities.


At SCU Credit Union we offer checking accounts to do everything you need.  At the same time, we are working to serve our members and the communities where we live.  Sound good, give us call at 781-784-7725 or visit a branch.  

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