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One Simple Step to Better Protect Yourself Online


Update Your Web Browser

Many people don’t think twice about their web browser when they think about protecting their identity and Internet security. Perhaps the most important step of internet safety is keeping your web browser updated. With just one click, you’ll increase your browser’s security and improve your computer or smart device by making it faster and compatible with more websites and applications.

Above all else, an updated browser will provide better security. Internet companies are constantly looking for ways to protect you and keep you safer; take full advantage of their efforts by always using the latest version.

An updated browser offers stronger protection against the most recent scams, phishing attacks, viruses, Trojans, and more. Newer browsers have also patched up security vulnerabilities that may be present in your older browser.

Updating your browser is super-easy and super-quick. Late model computers will update automatically as soon as new iterations are released to the public. If your computer is a little older, you can choose the “auto-update” feature available on some browsers for the same results. Otherwise, you can update your browser manually by following the instructions on your browser. These are typically easy to follow and take just a few clicks. Most smart phones will push updates to your device. While it’s tempting, don’t delay your updates – they may contain important security patches.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, please be aware that Microsoft will no longer support this browser in the future. Instead, Microsoft is pushing consumers to use Microsoft Edge, which has more features and performs faster than Internet Explorer (“IE”). So, if you’re still using IE consider downloading a new browser now that will be supported far into the future.

It might seem harmless to use an outdated web browser, but it’s your personal information that’s at risk. Remember, using an old web browser leaves your computer and/or devices vulnerable to viruses, malware, spyware, and more. Don’t become a victim! Update your browser and reduce your online risk today.

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