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Perspectives, Financial and Otherwise,
from SCU Credit Union

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Make the right mortgage moves with SCU Credit Union


Whether this is your first home or you’re an experienced homebuyer, we’re here for you, every step of the way. Enjoy competitive mortgage rates and advice from our knowledgeable home loan experts. We want you to understand how your loan works and what to expect down the road.

At SCU CU, you can be assured that you’ve got the right mortgage at the right rate.Young girl running through door of her new house.

An affordable choice

We’re focused on keeping your closing costs low, so your money can help buy more home.

SCU Credit Union offers first mortgages on 1-4 family, owner-occupied properties, condominiums, and vacation homes located within Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Subject to membership qualifications.

Get informed, stay informed

When you get your mortgage from us, you’ll always know where to go with questions. That’s because we service every home loan we make. Whether you’re making a payment or asking a question, you’ll work with the same friendly team throughout your loan.

Make the Right Choice

Is this the right time to buy? Use our online calculators to determine if buying is your best option, how much you can afford, and to estimate your monthly payments. Your credit score and financial history will influence your ability to borrow at an attractive rate.

Smart Start Pre-Approval

Be prepared and get a pre-approved mortgage before looking for your home. It is a full mortgage application leading to a commitment, subject to property appraisal once you find the right property. You will have greater confidence and negotiating power with this pre-approval letter in hand.

Still undecided? Our mortgage loan officers can help you decide whether now is a good time for you to buy a home. We’ll explain options for making mortgage payments affordable and explore what fits into your budget. You can also stop in at one of our branch locations for assistance or reach out to our member service call center at 781-784-7725 or toll free at 1-877-661-3300.


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