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Your Debit Card Earns Rewards on Every Purchase with uChoose Rewards®!


At SCU Credit Union, we believe your everyday spending should come with extraordinary rewards. Earning points using your Debit Mastercard® is easy... and redeeming the points you earn is fun. That's why we offer the uChoose Rewards® program, to turn your every debit card purchase into points that can be traded for valuable rewards!

With uChoose Rewards®, whether you're filling up the tank, making the weekly grocery run, or shopping online, every time you use your card adds valuable points.

Woman Paying at cafeHere's how it works:

  • Sign up: Enroll your debit card in the uChoose Rewards® program through our online banking portal or by visiting one of our local branches.
  • Spend: For every $3 spent on signature-based transactions (choose credit, not debit) you will receive one uChoose Rewards® point.

  • Earn: Watch your points grow with each qualifying transaction made.
  • Redeem: Log onto the uChoose Rewards® website to track your points and choose from a wide array of rewards including merchandise, travel experiences, event tickets, and more.

What's exceptional about uChoose Rewards® is that it's not just limited to any one store or type of purchase. This versatility means you earn points on exactly what you like to buy, where you like to buy it. Plus, the more you use your card, the faster you'll collect points and the bigger the rewards!

Don't let your purchases go unrewarded. Get started today and make your spending work for you and delight in the dividends of uChoose Rewards®. Because with us, every purchase is a potential reward!

Start your rewarding journey now! Enroll in uChoose Rewards®

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