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Can You Put a Cap on Your Holiday Shopping?


shopping bags

Most of us will make multiple trips to the mall in preparation for the holidays. Don’t want to spend this coming January and February paying for your December shopping? Here’s how to watch the buck while cruising the aisles with thousands of fellow holiday shoppers:

  • Don’t sign up for a store’s credit card. Most people spend more when using a store’s card since they don’t see the money leaving their account like they would with a cash purchase. And, of course, another credit card means another card that incurs interest, often at an even higher rate than most other cards.
  • Organize yourself. Make a list and a budget before you hit the mall.
  • Visit the outlets. Comparison shop at outlet stores. Many outlets carry surplus merchandise at a lower cost.
  • Shop midweek. Malls are emptier during the week and have more specials at that time.
  • Avoid kiosks. Whether it’s a scarf or a cellphone case, kiosks are notoriously over-priced.
  • Park near the one store you need. If you avoid passing stores you don’t need, you won’t be tempted to stop in and browse.

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