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Book Review: Financially Ever After


It’s almost impossible to find two people who have identical approaches toward money management. We all have our own ideas about spending, budgeting and saving. What one person calls being cheap, another calls being frugal, and yet a third will call total deprivation.

But what happens when two people are sharing their income and expenses? Is it possible for them to find a middle path that will satisfy each of their money styles?

Financially Ever After was written to help couples do exactly that. Instead of resorting to bitter arguments, or letting one partner dominate the money-related decisions while leaving the other feeling resentful, it offers up its own solution: financial fluency. This personal finance book opens up a world of insight, basic financial facts and money vocabulary that every couple needs for successfully communicating with each other about money.

There are so many areas of personal finance, and this book does an incredible job of exploring those that matter most. It touches on a wide scope of money topics like confronting debt, making major purchases, handling a mortgage, employment, financial chores and so much more. It also offers tips for broaching sensitive money topics. The dozens of true-to-life scenarios sprinkled throughout the book make it a lively read and bring the lessons to life.

The book does more than just share information; it shows the reader how to turn that knowledge into action. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of helpful tools to help organize your finances; including a budgeting chart, an affordability calculator for deciding if you have enough money to purchase a home and a handy scorecard to help you track your expenses.

Financially Ever After is authored by Jeff D. Opdyke, The Wall Street Journal’s erstwhile “Love & Money” columnist. Through his work, Opdyke has become an expert on teaching couples how to build and maintain a peaceful financial life together. This book is a culmination of the wealth of wisdom he’s acquired in the world of couples’ finances.

Some claim the book has a patronizing tone and makes for an unpleasant read, but most couples find Financially Ever Afterto be incredibly helpful for laying the foundation of a life of shared finances.

Pick up a copy today for your own taste of Financially Ever After.

Your Turn: Have you learned how to happily navigate a life of shared finances? How did you make it work? Share the secrets of your success with us in the comments!

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