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9 Ways to Enjoy Summer on a Budget


Looking to have some fun this summer without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas!

  1. Check out neighborhood business freebies. This includes shows, demonstrations and activities that local businesses host to generate summer traffic.
  2. Visit the library. You’ll find free crafts for kids, story time, discussion groups and other fun ways to enjoy summer at no cost.
  3. Embrace the outdoors. Think hiking trails, beaches, scenic lookouts and stargazing in your backyard.
  4. Set up a homemade carnival and invite the neighborhood kids to be your guests.
  5. Take up a forgotten hobby that doesn’t cost much.
  6. Swap homes with a friend or relative who lives in another city for a cost-free, temporary change of scenery.
  7. Check out local farms for free admission hours.
  8. Support the local aspiring talent by attending backyard band concerts.
  9. Go for the weekday matinee special and save loads on theater tickets.

Your Turn: How do you get your summer fun without draining your wallet? Share your best ideas with us in the comments!

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