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6 Ways To Save On Back-to-School Shopping


school suppliesBack-to-school time is the second largest shopping season of the year. If all that spending makes your head pound, take heart. SCU Credit Union has your back! We’ll help you navigate it with your budget intact. Here are 6 back-to-school saving tips.

  1. Do a house-wide sweep
    Before you spend a penny, scour your closets and drawers to see what you have laying around the house. Round up all the supplies and list everything you’ve found. Keep the list handy so that you don’t forget what you have and end up buying things you don’t need. Also, while digging through your kids’ closets, sort and purge. This way, their closets won’t be cluttered with junk and you’ll know exactly what each child needs.
  2. Shop the dollar store
    Before you hit the regular stores, shop for real bargains at dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.
  3. Use manufacturer coupons
    Check out circulars and coupon sites for manufacturer coupons from supply companies.
  4. Coordinate with other parents
    If you’re in a store when they have bargain-priced pencils, offer to buy a few boxes for your friend’s kids. And, when your friend finds the super-hot deal on crayons, they’ll pick up a few boxes for your kids.
  5. Time it right
    Purchase what your child needs for now and save the rest for later. You’ll find deep discounts on fall clothing just a few weeks into the school year. And stock up for next year when school supplies and backpacks are ridiculously discounted a few weeks into this school year.
  6. Set limits
    Every year there’s a must-have school supply or clothing trend that costs a bundle. Set limits. Allow your child to choose one or two pricier items – but that’s it!

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