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Consolidate Your Debt

And Simplify Your Bills 

Struggling with debt? You're not alone. But imagine a future free from monthly payments, interest charges, and stress. That's the power of being debt-free!  To be debt-free you need a plan to manage your money, consolidate debts and build a safety net for the future. You can start by talking to SCU Credit Union, we can help you decide if a personal loan, a credit card balance transfer, or a home equity loan/line is the best way to consolidate your debts.  We also have saving products to help put a start putting a little aside for the future.



Streamline your finances with our loan options

Say goodbye to juggling multiple account balances and welcome the ease of a single monthly payment.

 Home Equity | Debt Consolidation Loan | Credit Card Balance Transfer | Personal Loan 


Research Your Options

Sometimes you need to compare the numbers to make the best decision for you and your finances. We've tried to help you take the guess work out of some of life's important financial decisions with a full suite of financial calculators. Of course, our knowledgeable and experienced staff are available to assist you, too. You can visit them at one of our convenient branch locationsWe offer the most competitive rates on all of our loan products. 

Joining is simple!

Why join SCU Credit Union? Because membership is more than being just a customer. You are part-owner of a financial cooperative that strengthens and builds the communities around you. Keeping your money in a community credit union helps your neighbors and local businesses reach their financial goals and prosper. To become a member, all you need is a $5.00 Savings Account. You can open your account online or stop by a branch near you.



Not a member yet?

Membership in SCU Credit Union is open to people residing or employed in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Plymouth, Barnstable or Bristol of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Providence, Bristol and Newport counties of the State of Rhode Island. Additionally, family members of eligible persons may apply for membership regardless of location. A family member shall include a spouse, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, or grandchild.